Saturday, 17 March 2018

Written Language

We read a shared book called Me and My Dog.  The dog in the story is called Baxter.  Here are some descriptions we wrote about Baxter. 

Author Celine
Baxter is a poodle.  He likes to bounce.  Baxter has shaggy fur.  When Baxter walks he leaps into the morning sunlight.

Author Cassyana
Baxter is a black dog.  He likes to jump.  Baxter can bounce.  He can wag his tail.

Author  Keng Shen
Baxter is a poodle.  He has black fur.  Baxter likes to walk in the sunshine. He has a big nose.  Baxter barks at me and he leaps in the  morning sunshine.  He wags his tail.  He bounces when I walk.

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